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The 5 Features Your Amazon Repricer Must Have for Profitable Growth

amazon repricer

1. Seamless Integration

Your repricer should integrate with both the sales and supply side of your business. Real-time visibility into your variable and fixed costs is necessary to achieving and protecting your desired markup percentage. If your floor and ceiling values aren’t dynamically driven by real-time cost changes (product, fulfillment, sales, overhead, etc.) you’re putting your profit margins at risk.

2. Manage Multiple Listings Per SKU

Since Amazon allows you to sell the same SKU on multiple listings, and since each listing has a unique set of competitors and fee structure depending on the category it is associated with, your repricer should control costs at the master SKU level and dynamically reprice at the listing level to match each competitive environment.

3. Fulfillment Method Awareness

Product cost is determined by your fulfillment method. If you use FBA or ship from stock, your repricer must retrieve average product cost from your inventory management system. However, if you drop ship or cross-dock your repricer must retrieve product cost from your supplier’s price and availability feed.

4. Real-Time, High Volume and Scalable

Instead of being database dependent, your repricer should run off an index server. This will allow you to more easily manage large SKU catalogs and process hundreds of thousands of repricing events per hour.

5. Advanced Policies and Strategies

Your repricer should utilize flexible policies and strategies that encompass all channels – not stand-alone rules that only apply to certain channels. It should also gather and store data such as the number of times the Buy Box was achieved, maintained, and lost as well as SKU velocity, inventory age, and listing profitability so you can reprice more aggressively and strategically.



Only Etail's repricer can automatically raise or lower prices for hundreds of thousands to millions of SKUs each time your competitors' prices - or your costs - change.

Imagine how smug you'd feel knowing the opposition has to manually update their min's and max's when expenses fluctuate. 

You'd also breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing you're always selling at your most competitive price - while protecting your margins. 

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