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What Bailey - the Office Dog - Has Taught Us About Customers

September 18, 2017

Bailey is the Etail Solutions office dog.

She runs the place.

Michael, Bailey's human and Etail's CEO, might disagree.

But when Michael calls Bailey he's usually ignored. When Bailey barks, Michael comes running. So who runs what?

Along with greeting visitors and creating heightened awareness for the importance of keeping your lunch bag off the floor, Bailey serves another important function here at Etail. Here's just a sample:

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Etail Solutions Releases Competitive Repricing for Walmart's Online Marketplace

August 22, 2017

The explosive growth of has created new opportunities for third-party merchants to grow revenue, reduce their reliance on Amazon, and get in on the growth floor of the fastest growing online marketplace. But until now, Walmart sellers have lacked a basic tool that is critical for success: competitive repricing.

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New Feature Highlight: Control Saleable Quantity From Unproven Suppliers

December 19, 2016

Onboarding a new supplier and selling their products for the first time carries inherent risk. They could have a track record of late shipments or items arriving defective or damaged - disruptions that will leave you with an influx of unfulfillable orders and put your Amazon account at risk of suspension. 

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New Feature Highlight: Automatically Match UPCs to Amazon Listings

December 5, 2016

Some merchants have supplier catalogs with tens of thousands of UPCs. They don't know which items will sell and which ones won't, or if listings for them even exist. To find out, they have to manually match their UPCs to listings or use Amazon's Inventory Loader. The manual matching process requires too much time and isn't scalable. Amazon's Inventory Loader can only search for matches via UPC and it could match items to low-ranked, poorly managed listings since many ASINs have multiple UPC values. 

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Etail Solutions Announces Its Integration With Walmart's Online Marketplace

July 21, 2016

Etail Solutions, who provides a multi-channel platform for mid-to-high volume online retailers, announced today that it has integrated with Walmart's global marketplace. Etail's customers can now access more shoppers and bigger markets by listing their products alongside Walmart's inventory.

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Creating a Single Source of Truth Across Your Sales Channels and Suppliers With a Master SKU

May 9, 2016

As an internet retailer your goal is to build a sustainable and profitable business that will reward you for years to come. And whether you’re a top online seller already... or you have dreams of becoming one... the strength of your foundation will determine how much and how fast you can grow. 

Your ecommerce software – the system used to manage your daily operations – is, or should be, the foundation of your business. Ultimately, the stability and longevity of your business depend on the strength and versatility of this one tool.

Tasks like inventory management, replenishment, repricing, listing creation, order fulfillment, and financial reporting are all core operations that are foundational to building a successful business. And how efficiently you manage operations directly impacts your potential for growth.

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What You Need to Know Before Investing In Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software

March 28, 2016

The daily costs of doing business without enterprise multi-channel ecommerce software are quickly becoming greater than the cost of implementation would be. However, with so many different options to choose from, selecting the right software for your current and future needs can be difficult.

You must find out how much custom development will be involved, what team resources will be needed to support it, and if it can collect and leverage real-time sales and supplier data.

In addition to pointing out these and other important considerations, we also compiled a list of questions to ask and mistakes to avoid to help you navigate the process. Here’s a preview of what you will learn.

  • Who should be included in the decision-making process and why
  • Why end-to-end integration should be a feature at the top of your list
  • Other non-negotiable features your software must have
  • What to consider when choosing between a SaaS platform and in-house platform
  • Questions to ask and things to look for when vetting out potential vendors
  • Why post-implementation support can't be overlooked
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25 Ecommerce Growth Strategies From Top Industry Experts

February 22, 2016

We gathered a panel of experts - 25 of the world's brightest ecommerce minds - and asked them this question: "What growth strategy would you recommend for 2016 that you've never shared with anyone?"

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Etail Solutions Announces Annual Multi-Channel Merchant Growth Rates - 130% in First Year

February 15, 2016

Tracking year-over-year performance is essential to the success of any business. So after the New Year we run the numbers to see how our clients are performing. This annual analysis validates that we are not only targeting the right audience, but also solving the right problems.

Our core philosophy of driving operational efficiency and profitability through end-to-end integration and data integrity – along with the software and services we provide – allow multi-channel merchants to build a foundation from which they can scale. And each year the results confirm we are on the right track.

With even more historical data taken into account, we're excited to report that while established brands and big-box retailers struggled with declining sales and profits, our merchants enjoyed another upbeat year.

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Drop Shipping on Amazon: Seven-Digit Strategies to Scale Your Business

October 19, 2015

Anyone can drop ship on Amazon. And these days, it seems like everyone is. But there are a handful of select merchants who have taken the simple drop shipping business model and expanded it to seven- and eight-digit businesses. Their secret? Scale. 

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